PROPERTY MANAGEMENT ASSISTANCE
                                             YOU CONTROL EVERYTHING

          You need an agent you can trust to handle your operational responsibilities. You
          will  benefit  from  the  knowledge  and  experience I will provide in managing
          single family residential properties.  You will appreciate the  professional service
          provided to help you maximize your income without sacrificing on service.

          Following is a list of services I provide:

          Rental services:

          > Preview property - Suggest repairs and rent - Advertise and show your property

          > Provide Application - Check: References, Verify employment and income

          > Obtain Owner approval - Set-up Rent and Security accounts - provide lease

          > Get lease signed - Provide move-in inspection - Collect rent and security deposit

          > Move tenant in - Deposit rent  and security - Send Owner closing statement

          Management Assistance Services:

          > 4 conditions inspections and reports - Repair call answering service (no surcharge)

          > Late rent fees collected (you keep the late fees) - Eviction notices hand delivered

          > Renewal notice provided ( no  charge) - Demand on security deposit prepared

          > Obtain repair bids and send to Owner

          Landlord Solutions: (Eviction Services on properties you own and manage)

          Even though you check out tenants before you rent to them many things can happen
          that change the tenants ability to continue to pay rent. 
When this happens it requires
          immediate action on your part. If the tenant gets behind in the rent, you are the one
          that loses money. If you have a tenant that is behind in the rent, I can help you collect
          the rent and late fees or start the eviction process.

          Following is a list of services I provide:

          > Review lease - provide and hand deliver a 3 day pay rent or vacate notice

          > Provide and hand deliver a 5 day notice to Court and Sheriff

          > Pick up Writ of Possession from the Court and hand deliver to Sheriff for 24hr. notice

          > Meet Sheriff at property and Evict tenant and change locks

          > Notify Owner of condition of property